Stay positive – stay creative


We are all born with creativity inside us; every child’s creativity appears in his method of thinking and problem solving. However, sometimes there are some obstacles that face the creativity inside us, for instance, the education system in some countries. Don’t ever let this stop you or bring down your creativity.

Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways. Routine in social relationship restricts creativity so; try to make new friends and hangout. Making new friends will let you exchange ideas with each other. Researches have proven that the more you go out and exercise the more flexible mind you will have.

Don’t ever fear being risky and challenging yourself, try new things for example; wear clothes you would not normally wear. Don’t let your mind be concerned with what people say and change your mind if you feel you do not need to do so. Sometimes creativity falls into the bit of embarrassment so never be shy to express yourself and your skills.

The attitude of creativity will let you tackle problems in new ways that you never expect. The usual pass ways of thinking never lead to solve problems but thinking outside the box is the faster way to get solutions. There are two ways of thinking, scientific way of thinking and creative way of thinking, but creative way is limitless, while scientific way is full of steps to follow. Facing problems with open mind and positive attitude that will let you defeat your problems. Sometimes creativity is taking the last expected method for solving problems.

“Being creative is not a hobby it is a way of life”


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